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For more specific details on employee gifts, read " Spread cheer with holiday gifts, but beware the IRS. You also can't go wrong with Harry and David fruit. You can't make up for being a jerk with a token of any kind once a year. Your email address will not be published. Personally, I prefer no gifts.

Credit: Amazon If your employees are required to carry their laptop to and from work, gifting them a laptop bag is a great way to show your gratitude. Backpacks and purses might be too small for.

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The withholding is taken from the wages of the employee other than tips or from other funds made available by the employee for this purpose. If the employee does not report the tips to the employer, the employee still is responsible for paying income tax and the employee portion of FICA. In such a case, the employer portion of FICA only would be payable when the employer receives a written notice and demand from the IRS.

It may be prudent for the employer to have policies and procedures in place for employee reporting of tips to the employer. This fund can either be just a collection of cash or a separate legal entity. If the gifts are provided from a fund that is not a separate legal entity, then the gifts are in essence coming directly from the individuals to the employees as discussed in Scenario 1.

The more controversial question is, if the fund is facilitated through a separate c 3 tax exempt entity, can the contribution to this exempt entity for gifts to employees be a tax deductible contribution?

The answer to this depends on whether the entity is acting merely as an agent for the individuals or if the entity has control of the funds and can spend it as it wishes. Whether or not the entity is acting merely as an agent is a question of facts and circumstances. Is there a written agreement obligating the entity with respect to the transaction?

Is the entity holding itself out as an agent of the individuals for this transaction? If the gifts are earmarked for the employees and the entity does not have the authority to spend the money in any way it deems fit, then the entity should be viewed as an agent acting on behalf of the individuals, and the conclusion is the same as Scenario 1. If the entity has full control and discretion as to the use of the funds, then the gift should be deemed a contribution to the tax exempt entity and thus a charitable deduction should be allowable.

In that case appropriate acknowledgments of the charitable contributions should be given to the individual contributors. The tax treatment of the gift to the employee from the entity would have to be analyzed in accordance with the definitions discussed in Scenario 1 to determine whether it is a tip or a gift.

Scenario 3 places the charitable organization that employs the service providers in the place of the fund discussed in Scenario 2. In this scenario, the charitable organization receives the contributions directly from the individuals and in turn provides the payments to its employees.

Everything from body massagers to good quality chairs is an option. Here are 10 gifts ideas for people who work from home. Buying an incense burner is an inherently Christmassy idea. After all, the nativity story claims that one of the three wise men gave Jesus some Frankincense as a gift. On a more practical note, an incense burner has two clear benefits for someone who works from home. Check out the ceramic Shoyeido Incense Burner on Amazon.

A SAD lightbox is a remedy for people who suffer from the condition 5 Light Therapy Lamps to Beat Winter Depression 5 Light Therapy Lamps to Beat Winter Depression If your depression only sets in during the winter months, then it's likely seasonal -- and in that case, it may be treatable with something as simple as light therapy. You might think your homeworking friend leads a life of luxury.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Keyboards and food are a bad combination. Any emergency requires us to take a moment or two and assess the situation. That way we aren't just reacting, we are acting Read More are an expensive disaster waiting to happen.

Of course, the obvious solution is to keep liquids well away from the computer. The Dreamfarm Spink Cup Holder has a suction cup on the bottom so it can never be knocked over. The best office chairs in the market are just a click away, and some of them are more affordable than you may have guessed.

Thankfully, there are several easy strategies that can give you some relief and prevent future pain. Of course, the quality and price of chairs can vary drastically between brands.

Arguably, the best chair is the Herman Miller Aeron. These free apps promise to get you fit in no time. Read More , why not buy the person a gym membership? Again, gym memberships vary drastically in price. Today we show you how to organize and arrange the cables under your desk. Read More is multiplying. You could give them a helping hand and alleviate some stress by buying them a cable management system.

The jury is still out of the health benefits of standing desks. As with many things, the answer lies in moderation. It comes with smart soil, a water reservoir, and temperature controls. Lots of seed cartridges are available. Click and Grow devices can grow everything from basil to cherry tomatoes. With a portable power bank, like the Anker PowerCore , your workers' lifelines can be recharged whenever and wherever they need it.

NutriBox Meal prepping has become a popular project for many health gurus and frugal individuals. Get a pack of these Nutribox three-compartment meal prep containers for employees who like to plan ahead and bring their lunch. They are BPA free and can be reused. SELF Journals allow people to record their to-dos and appointments in one place, decreasing stress and increasing productivity. With all the details organized and in front of them, your workers will feel inspired to reach their goals.

It features monthly, weekly and daily spreads, without actual dates to constrain you to a year. Totes Especially for workers who commute by foot or bike, an umbrella is a must-have — but not just for anyone. View on Amazon Buy at Amazon. YETI YETI thermos bottles are renowned for their ability to keep fluids hot or cold, depending on your beverage's original temperature. On a damp winter day, your workers will appreciate their coffee's heat burning hours on end. And in the summer, their ice water will still be refreshing by the end of their shift.

Buy at Amazon Buy at Amazon. Coffee gift card price varies Credit: The next time they head over to their favorite coffee house, tell them it's on you with a gift card. When she isn't working as a Purch B2B staff writer, she's writing and furiously editing her first novel, reading a YA book with a third cup of coffee, or attending local pop-punk concerts.

Clever Employee Gift Ideas

These clever employee gift ideas are a good place to start in your search for gifts that will impress and thank those who help make your biz a success. Update: To sneak a peak at the picks for , have a look at Clever Holiday Gift Ideas for Employees. We know that shopping for people in the office can be difficult, so we've put together a list of 22 great gifts for bosses to get their employees. The service, which Spotify sells in 1, 3, 6, and. Jun 14,  · 12 Helpful Gifts For People Who Work From Home. Gifts For People Who Work From Home 12 Helpful Gifts For People Who Work From Home. June 14, by Kate Emswiler. SharesHome Country: US.


You’ll definitely want to check out these gift ideas for people who work from home. It’s surreal that it’s so warm and beautiful outside in Denver mid November. The weather is making me forget that it’s almost time to start shopping for holiday gifts. Giving gifts to employees doesn't have to be so hard. Here's what they really want. What Do Employees Want for Holiday Gifts? We Asked Them. Holiday Gift Guide and that gets sticky in work. Gifts to employees are a traditional way to thank people important to your business, but the IRS says certain types of gifts are taxable, and following the rules can prevent a spoiler later.

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