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Customer Service Representative - Dayton, Ohio. When they received the subpoena for the records, they could have cooperated Franchises and Chains Effortlessly monitor compliance across all your locations. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 Next. Demystifying Certification Ever wonder what happens to your certification application after its been submitted? Do not rent from this location. Hours and Hard Work- But the pros out weigh these when you find success!

Join our Enterprise Holdings team. A job in Work from Home at Enterprise Holdings may be waiting for you! 68 Work from Home Jobs Filtered by. Work From Home Reservation Sales Representative Jackson - TN - US; Dayton - OH - US; Work From Home Reservation Sales Representative Ogden - UT - US; Work From Home .

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This company is the worst! Fighting for them to do their job and get a refund is like pulling teeth. Their new policy is garbage! Used them for a Parole Hearing too and had car seat attached to order for free and they tried to charge us for it which I refused to pay.

They gave us a dirty car, endless reasons again. In the end got a credit after AMA dealt with them. They got their money and car. So now you wait weeks for money they owe you by cheque which still has to be cleared too. Will use others next time! I rented a car from Enterprise for one week and returned it a day early.

I was given a receipt for the agreed upon amount. However, my credit card was billed 3 times the charge! Enterprise in Calgary acknowledges that it is their error but won't correct the overcharge for two weeks! Nightmare and failed to take care of their customers.

Had a bad taste with Enterprise at Thompson St. Reserved car two weeks ago. Was informed that my debit card was ok at website and after arriving today Sept 11 I had everything they had informed me 3 weeks ago and failed totally misleading after my exhausted day.

I'm disabled and rented a car. There was a problem with the passenger side seat in the back. It was that way when I got the car. They took my deposit and won't let me fight the complaint. So I'm out bucks. As with the many complaints on here; I too experienced the worst customer service. Made reservation a week ahead of time, told them the exact car I wanted which they said they had and would be ready.

Called 2 more times to confirm. Called the day of pick up at my location to tell them I was there and where were they? Got to the rental office, the car they "guaranteed" me to be ready was filthy and I was told if I wanted it cleaned I would have to wait even longer. Never put a copy of my paperwork in the glove compartment as was always done on prior rentals so I had nothing to show I didn't "steal" the car.

This company grew too big too fast. They ignore the people who made them. On following Monday I called to request an intermediate size car. I was told there were several on the lot. I asked them to pick me up 1 half miles away. Darren said they would be there at I called the manager Irvin to discuss my options.

I requested 1 of 3 makes and models. I told him they did not pick me up. He said he would call me back when one came in, but none were on the lot. Several hours later I called him back and I complained and said I had called to expedite a complaint against his store.

He said he had no cars. He hung up on me. Several hours later after numerous phone calls, I was told by my insurance company that they said I had been "verbally abusive" and that I had cursed, neither of which I did. It was my word against his and he had the power to deny me service, and so he did.

There were no other rental options in my town. I couldn't get in touch with anyone in the company to resolve the dispute. I apologized to Irvin the manager. He did not apologize to me. He said he had no cars available. I have yet to receive a service from this company and they did not honor my reservation or fulfill their obligation. After several confirmation phone calls and a reservation with Enterprise Auto Park Escondido Location, we were not given the vehicle type we requested.

Three days before, I called to check on our reservation and make sure we would have the SUV. We ended up with a mini-van to go out celebrating an adult birthday, no kids involved. After several promised for a Manager to get back to me, I contacted the corporate office and was told by the escalation manager that the location told us something different from policy, so there is nothing they can do as far as compensation or discount.

A red flag should have been the fact that others were there complaining about not getting the vehicle they requested either at our time of pickup. There was a guy that requested a full-size pickup and they did not have one.

He ended up with a compact pick-up truck saying he would have to make more trips. Someone else wanted an SUV and ended up with a full-size car instead. The worst part about it was the attitude of the staff, very nonchalant about the fact that they lead people on prior to getting there just to be put into a vehicle other than what they requested. The location not having the vehicle requested. They literally treat their customers with no respect and are purposely rude.

They hung up phone on more than one occasion. You would call them and they would hang up phone instead of picking up. The local "manager" is worst and has no respect for clients and no surprise that office treats customers like that with that type of "manager. Will not rent from them again and luckily have plenty of options in this area.

Flew into Myrtle Beach from Ohio. Plane was delayed 10 min on arrival causing arrival to Enterprise-Jason Blvd at 6: There was a courtesy call made to tell them on way Avoid renting at all costs - no customer service or care. We agreed on the price of euro with a bargain. As we promised, we dropped off the car to Enterprise at Belgrade Tesla Airport on The expert in there checked the car and said there is no problem getting delivery and everything is ok.

On August 28, we got an email from Enterprise customer service with 2 photos that showing a scratch on the car and a stain on the back-seat. And they wrote that they would take KM from our credit card. We explain that their expert did not allowed us to clean the car and the scratch on the car is not under our knowledge and we did not want to pay such a big price to them.

We also told the customer service to prove us that the KM of this cleaning and repair process is receipt and documentation or bills. They told us this price was actually KM, but without proving us, they were trying to minimize it and final price is KM. I believe that in any countries a seat wash cost cannot be 80 euros and if they care so much the scratches of the car, why did they give us a vehicle that was damaged in every way and everywhere?

They must have received money from the people before us who caused lots of damaged on the car, why did not the car be repaired? And this price is equal to the price we rented our car!

If they inform us such a repair and cleaning price, the first they must prove us this charge with receipts! They cannot define a price and cannot take this money from our card without our permission!!! We will call everywhere, we cannot withdraw from our card without proving a non-entitled price and without our approval!

The worst rental car company we have ever seen! Our car had recently been in a crash, and it would keep wobbling if you went over 30 mph. So, we needed to rent a car for pretty cheap because we already had to pay the ticket and many bills. It was about 20 USD per day, so alas we went. We had a dog in the car, as we were closer to Enterprise than our home, we went there with the dog. We first sent our car to a repair shop and got Enterprise to send someone to pick us up, it was a bit late but I was fine with that.

The driver seemed fine with the dog and didn't tell us there was a no dog policy, but eh. Pretty quickly enough, as I walked in, I heard and saw people complaining about a multitude of things. I was told you took my insurance, I was given a free day, Unexpected fees in my account By that alone, I should have shown concern but I thought 'it was just a few people, there's no way they're like that. My driving record was perfect, as well, and I would be cautious with the car, but I was forced to pay the fee for insurance anyways, even though all the cars they have already have their own insurance.

They closed at 6: When we arrived, we were told they have a no-pets policy, because they saw a FEW strands of dog hair as we knew that we had signed a contract. The guy who gave us the car though, told us we can drive the dog home and drop her off. We had cleaned all the hair the day before, and they just happened to notice a few strands.

We told him we broke down with a dog and the guy who gave us the car said we could go home and drop her off, which we did, and he had to oblige. It was already 5: We made it there in time and cleaned the few strands of hair and came back. They couldn't tell us to pay a fee so we dropped off the car and got the hell out of there before they try to scam us again.

Never going back there as all they are is scam artists, and obviously don't care about their customers. Unless you're rich and want to donate extra money to people like this, then don't go there. I rented a car on , 7: I returned it on Saturday, , around Customer service knew Lafayette location closes at 6: My rental agreement was But they charged me one full day instead new total I found out after receiving a credit card alert.

They never sent me the bill. After I claimed, they sent me a bill by email and promised to call explaining the reasons. They refund the It was their mistake! But, I never received a call or an apology by email. After complaining over the phone for the third time, they still insist on charging a full day, even though the rental agreement states 6.

Please see our Enterprise Holdings Foundation guidelines. We do not make Internet-related purchases from consumers, initiate work-at-home employment by advancing funds, participate in or sponsor lotteries, facilitate the transfer of inheritance proceeds, or make unsolicited donations to charitable organizations. And while we do occasionally sponsor sweepstakes, the winners of those drawings receive checks only after they have completed and returned an acceptance form.

We report matters such as these to appropriate law enforcement authorities. However, if you have received a counterfeit check or been a victim of one of these scams, you should contact federal or local authorities and the Internet Crime Complaint Center www. Our customers can rest assured that we have the operating procedures and policies in place to ensure that the vehicles they rent from us are properly maintained and meet the highest standards for safety.

In fact, while the legislative process is ongoing, our company has voluntarily made the following policy commitments that will remain unchanged until permanent legislation is enacted:. More information is available here. While we strive to do everything we can to provide assistance to the media, we do not allow photos of our branches or employees to be taken to illustrate stories in which our company is not involved. If you have a photo request for a story that does include us, please contact our Corporate Communications department, and we will handle your request.

All media requests — including requests for local interviews — must be handled through our Corporate Communications department, and we ask that members of the media contact us directly instead of first contacting local employees.

As a privately held company, Enterprise Holdings does not distribute a public annual report. Learn more about Enterprise Holdings in our corporate fact sheet. Car rental excise taxes have cost consumers and businesses billions of dollars since Yet, there is no special benefit for car rental customers, nor is there a direct connection between renting a car and using these public facilities or programs.

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Search for available job openings at Enterprise Holdings. Work From Home Customer Service Representative Jobs in United States Featured Jobs; Work From Home Customer Service Representative. Canton, Ohio. Work From Home Customer Service Representative. Dayton, Ohio. Work From Home Customer Service Representative Enterprise Holdings/Enterprise Rent-A-Car/Alamo Rent A . Search Enterprise Rent-A-Car Work From Home jobs opportunities in Ohio on Monster. Our growing collection of Enterprise Rent-A-Car job listings makes finding Work From Home jobs in Ohio easy.


Work From Home Enterprise. likes · 6 talking about this. Online advertising and marketing business seeking people who wants to earn extra money. Enterprise Holdings Work From Home Reservation Sales Representative in Youngstown, Ohio Enterprise Holdings is the parent company of multi-billion dollar brands Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent-A-Car, and National Car Rental and is a reputable company as well as an industry leader. Work From Home Reservation Sales Representative. Enterprise Holdings 8, reviews. Dayton, OH. $13 an hour. Enterprise Holdings is the parent company of multi-billion dollar brands Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent-A-Car, Be the first to see new Enterprise Holdings jobs in Dayton, OH. My email.

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