Abolishing Work-at-Home Policies

You get what you measure. You can always separately offer to your top performers to go home early on a Friday. Many pros travel a great deal, and produce top-notch work. Pure WFH is still a relatively small share of the workforce -- 2. At Apple, Steve Jobs requested the bathrooms to be 15min away from any given desk such that employee from different departments engineering, design will have collisions and interdisciplinary discussions.

Mar 18,  · Workers inside the company told HuffPost that some employees still do occasionally work from home, depending on their job, and some do not have a desk in the office. Yahoo declined to comment for.

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But if performance is suffering, you might want to consider treating Fridays as a team day. You can always separately offer to your top performers to go home early on a Friday.

Consider Mondays as work-from-home days. Monday can be a great day for people to take advantage of undistracted thinking and planning time away from the office.

If you have a staff phone call first thing on Monday mornings, you can kick off the week, and reiterate strategic priorities and specific expectations. Then people can get a less chaotic and more purposeful start to the week, instead of just getting swept into a stream of tactical activities.

Providing flexibility is a good thing. One of the reasons people like working at home is that they feel in control and they feel trusted. That is good for productivity. If you give people schedule flexibility to deal with daily daycare drop-offs and pick-ups and school events, or allow them time away to care for sick family, in my experience they become much more motivated, loyal, and productive.

Is your team never in the same building to begin with? There are some specific ideas for you here. But back to Yahoo. I would assume that Marissa Meyer, who has a big turn-around to execute, is advocating for more team time and clearer measures. A more specific, and individually targeted, work-from-home policy that supports both team productivity in the office and individual productivity at home , with clear goals and measures for each, will most likely evolve at Yahoo over time.

Pure WFH is still a relatively small share of the workforce -- 2. Yet the proportion of employees who work at home at least sometimes is astonishingly large: Sixty-seven percent of employers were allowed occasional remote work in , according to a study released that year by the nonprofit Families and Work Institute.

Along with researchers at Stanford and Peking University, Bloom studied a group of workers at Ctrip, a publicly listed Chinese travel agency. Half were assigned to WFH and the rest to work in the office. The results were striking. Ctrip workers who telecommuted were much more productive than their in-office counterparts -- in part because remote workers put in more hours and took less time off, with fewer breaks and sick days.

Diebold, for its part, views its remote worker initiative as a success because it was able to up its game around hiring. Still, the company has a ways to go -- Mattes came on board around the same time that several company executives left the firm in a bribery scandal.

It's still too early to call this a slam-dunk turnaround. Bloom told HuffPost that remote work helps the environment because workers travel less. It is an economic boost as well, he said, because it helps parents and older workers who might want to cut back on commute times and be closer to family. Personal interaction is still the most effective way of conveying a company's direction. The assertion that new ideas spring up through "chance encounters" is backed by academic research, he says.

David Hirsch, who uses startupman on Twitter, agrees. As a managing partner of Metamorphic. A work-at-home mom defends Mayer. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, quickly posted his opposition to Mayer's policy, saying a big part of successfully working with other people depends on, "trusting people to get their work done wherever they are, without supervision. Donald Trump tweeted that Mayer is right to expect Yahoo employees to come to the workplace.

Lynn Dang, a former IBM employee posted to Facebook that the policy is silly and short-sighted for three reasons. First, unproductive staff will be unproductive anywhere. Second, Yahoo now risks losing top performers, and third the policy speaks of control and distrust unlikely to boost morale and engagement.

Especially for a tech company. For Scott Jordan, the policy signaled a much greater issue, which is that Mayer and her team have not planned and deployed technology properly.

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Feb 25,  · Marissa Mayer brought free food and new iPhones to Yahoo. Now she's got a more serious policy to revamp the culture: Yahoos can no longer work from home. Yahoo Says That Killing Working From Home Is Turning Out Perfectly Despite predictions of “epic policy failure,” in the words of Julie . Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer speaks about ending the work-from-home policy, saying it was "wrongly perceived as industry narrative.".


Mar 06,  · The abolishment of Yahoo’s work-from-home policy created a stir among workers, but some employees say a new office culture is needed. Why Are Big Companies Calling Their Remote Workers Back to the Office? Yahoo’s decision to end work from home policy angers many told NBC News. The Millennial Standard Stands. Feb 26,  · As Marissa Mayer ends a work-at-home policy at Yahoo, what the data show about working from home. By Mac William Bishop, Ben Werschkul, Erica Berenstein, Lisa Desai.

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