What Kind of Work Can a Notary Public Do?

Notary Public Erie County Notary. It is a good idea to follow-up with a phone call to make sure your package has been received. Now hiring at South Atlantic Boulevard, Monterey He or she will open and close the center, manage productivity and Be the first to see new Notary Public jobs. In , under the Matrimonial Causes and Marriage Law Ireland Amendment , the jurisdiction previously exercised by the Archbishop of Armagh in the appointment of notaries was vested in and became exercisable by the Lord Chancellor of Ireland. Please note that all salary figures are approximations based upon third party submissions to Indeed.

One work-from-home option open to Administrative and Executive Assistants is working as a Notary Public. The main job of a Notary Public is to witness signatures and attest to the authenticity of the signature.

Range Of Duties

The job is fairly easy to learn. With the exception of a couple of states, the regulations are fairly clear cut and easy to manage. A few states though, like California and Florida, have extensive regulations and rules that you need to learn, so if you are in those states, you can consider this point a con.

This is a great part-time job. If you only want to work limited hours to supplement your income, you can definitely do it as a Notary Public. There are also definite cons in this field. Working in your own business as a Notary Public can be a nice career. If you think this is a job that interests you, you can get more information at the following websites. As a mobile notary,I can tell you that the gig is way tougher than it sounds. Sure, there are some great days, but you seriously need to be able to roll with the punches.

What A Busy Day! Comments links could be nofollow free. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Victoria Rivera, Florida -- "It is meeting with people and helping them. There are many people that I conduct signings with that are a real joy to meet. I also enjoy helping other notaries, giving them the benefit of my knowledge and experience. What is a typical day? Brenda Lynch, California -- "My typical day is dropping off and picking up my three girls, while trying to get in a signing or two.

Victoria Rivera, Florida -- "My typical day is getting up around 7: I check my email, the phone rings and I start my day. I talk with other notaries as well as companies that I work with, I review the prior day's signings to make sure that everything is done properly, then I send the forms out. Once that part is done, I prepare for the day ahead. The afternoons and evenings are usually spent doing signings, and processing invoices. Catherine Lewis, California -- "A typical day would be answering phones, setting appointments, meeting with clients and notarizing documents, and light bookkeeping, while trying to handle some personal matters.

What is the toughest part of your job? Brenda Lynch, California -- "Juggling my everyday life while trying to accommodate the borrowers. Sometimes, they act as though I have no life, as though I have no other commitments. Victoria Rivera, Florida --"Getting companies to realize that I am more than just a notary.

It is also dealing with loan officers who want notaries to sell the loan, or perform illegal acts. Catherine Lewis, California -- "It's the toll this job takes on my personal life. I have forgotten what it is like to actually come home from work after 5 p. It's not having Saturdays free to visit with friends, to go to the movies or bike riding, like other folks. Saturdays are just another work day, for me. Victoria, you were named September's Certified Signing Agent of the month, for the National Association of Signing Agents, how has that helped your business?

Victoria Rivera, Florida --"It hasn't assisted me in getting more jobs, but it has provided a greater opportunity to help others. I have been in this industry since , I have gained respect in this industry because I do my best with each and every signing. Word of mouth is a tremendous resource. What is the strangest thing that has happened to you, during a signing? Brenda Lynch, California -- "It was probably when a husband and wife got into a verbal fight in front of me.

The wife was yelling at her husband, then stormed upstairs and wouldn't come back down to sign the loan documents. The husband stayed upstairs, banging on the door, begging her to come down to sign.

He said that he would explain everything to her later. When she finally came down to sign the papers, she made sure that she made a lot of derogatory comments. Victoria Rivera, Florida --"I had a company call to cancel a closing that had already been closed a week prior. I have had borrowers who were stroke victims, as well as amputees who were bedridden with roaches all over them. I have had a lot of weird things happen, each one being an adventure. Speaking of strange things that have happened, I have heard some pretty hilarious stories over the year and a half that I have been doing notary signings, some are listed below: One notary said that she met with a male borrower, sat down at the table to prepare the loan for signing, when the borrower's dog commenced to pee all over her briefcase.

As she sat there in shock, the borrower acted as though nothing had happened. As the notary began rinsing off her briefcase, in the kitchen sink, the borrower's dog went over to the notary's purse and began peeing on it. Since the borrower was not apologetic and refused to put his dog outside, the notary packed up and left.

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How One Stay-At-Home Mom Grew Her Notary Business. How much will I have to pay out of pocket and how long is this process getting work as a notary. National Notary Association. 25 Oct therefore, cannot give legal advice about immigration or any other legal matters." (2) The fees set by statute which a notary public may charge. As a notary public, your opportunities for employment depend on your full range of job skills as well as on state regulations. Although many notaries work in office environments in which they notarize documents in addition to performing other job tasks, others operate independently. A handful of. How to Get Your First Assignment as a Signing Agent Tuesday, August 13, by American Association of Notaries If you've taken the steps to become a notary public, you've made a noble decision and are now ready to embark on an exciting career.


Work From Home As A NotaryIf you have an important document, you will probably need a notary public (also known as "notary" or "common-law notary") certifies the signature and ensure that the individual has signed. Notary Public Work at Home Jobs. Home | About Us | Featured Articles Register for your FREE Membership Today and get instant online access to Legitimate Work at Home Jobs and other useful information to help you land that work from home job that you always wanted. Register for. 1, Notary Public jobs available on iamedaldu.cf Apply to Notary Public, Court Clerk, Louisiana Notary Public and more!

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