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When I found Sitel I honestly thought that had changed. I started Sitel in May of Recruiter 4 salaries reported. I ask my couch to put in my PTO on my last check. I have learned a lot about health insurance and proper phone protocol since starting here. Human Resources Generalist 5 salaries reported.

Sitel Group [email protected] Solutions™ offers associates the stability of working for a global leader in customer experience management and the flexibility of working in a home-office environment. And, working at home has never been easier or more convenient.

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I started Sitel in May of I have previous experience in working from home in this industry and never had many issues with attendance until my medical situation changed that.

I was born with a rare genetic bone disease that causes my bones to grow irregular and larger than they are suppose to. I have had 15 operations to remove and or correct issues cause by this disease. When I used to work in an office environment it was quite difficult to make it through most days. And even so to communicate this to my superiors was even more difficult. Therefore I got in the habit of just not mentioning my situation. When I got my first work at home position, I found it much easier to relax and was able to actually get comfortable while working.

As with Sitel , I felt honored to have the option to work from my home and grateful for the opportunity to show my skills and work on my weak points. Right from the start Sitel was unlike any other position I ever had, the company workers and coaches were supportive and helpful,. And no matter how hard I worked or how well I did , I always seemed to recieve the short end of the stick in the end. When I found Sitel I honestly thought that had changed.

When asked to work extra hours or long days there is not one occasion where I said no. And I can honestly say during my shifts on mchd to Me not one second of it felt like work. I enjoyed every minute of it,. There were things that disappointed me for example every 2 or so months I would be assigned a new coach, an a majority of the time common ground was found and I was able to maintain a productive and open relationship with my coach.

When it came to attendance I did everything I could to avoid missing time,. Regardless I did my best to miss minimal time and kept in open communication with my current coach at the time. I explained the situation and all that I had gone through and still received a write up.

I used to get seizures a lot in the past and they had slowly started to come back again. For this I assumed my shortcomings in lost time were understood and known that is was not job avoidance or laziness, I was actually going through some very hard times.

I was then placed on another new team with a new coach. Srivendya aka coach Sri. I believe this was my 4th coach in the 6 or so months. How ever each coach having a different outlook on attendance and past situations still hovered over me as days continued. My seizures were getting worse and the medication I was on would practically tranquilize me.

So as hard as I tryed it was enevitable I missed a day here and there,. Also in combination with the consistent system issues that would present themselves on a daily basis.

It took its toll on my attendance record. Still I did manage to make up a majority of the time and obtain a full time pay period.

When Sri gave me a final written she stated that it was simply a formality and as long as there was improvement shown if I happened to get sick she would not fire me over one instance. Knowing that being on a final in that situation I would not be reconsidered for re- assignment.

And if terminated i would not be eligiable to recive any commisons owed to me. As it just so happens i was still owed the previous months commisons and had i been employed just 2 days longer the current month of commisons as well. She made it very urgent and immediate that I signed the final immediately.

So the next week on Tuesday I had fever and was not doing well at all. My shift was pm to am. I signed in on time and did everything I could to keep pressing forward ,. I managed to find a co-worker to cover my shift from 10pm to 23o eos.

And very very ill at I signed off. At this point i was so ill i dont think i could have even told you the current day or month for that matter. I was borderline to the point of having a seizure.. I was able to recover enough to work my shift the following day and even went the extra mile and on Thursday my first day off I on my own accord logged on to see if there might be extra help needed as it just so happens the line was down one agent and I was asked to log in for the remainder of the night.

I believe the line room Mgr was Rachel. I worked til close which in theory made up the hours I lost from being sick that same week. BPO's change constantly but through it all Sitel is still going strong. I work very hard and feel that there will always be a place for me within this organization. I have been able to learn many facets of the business and continue to grow in my professional life. The company is responsive and allows me to work from home which provides a great work life balance.

I love working there. Worked full time love working there full hours hard day,rainy days, good pay period i loved the people that worked there also good peple! Working a Sitel can be stressful but you have to stay on the phones all day, you sometime get feedback about your calls. Some managers are good to work with. Productive fun work place.

Sitel is a great jon , i wouldbhighly recxomend to anyone and it's very easy. Everyonentgere is so friendly and its more like a family.

You co workers are awesome and everyone helps out. I really enjoy being apart of the Sitel family. I had some personal issues and wasn't feeling very well on more than one occasion and I was very well accommodated during those times. I would definitely recommend Sitel to friends and family. Close Knit Competetive Team Atmosphere.

The training class you start with becomes close, and we treat each other like family. We have fun while we work, and the team leaders are extremely personable and helpful. I have learned a lot about health insurance and proper phone protocol since starting here. Decent pay more than most places in the area and decent hours. Overall, good place to work. Sitel offers good hours and paid time off. I was hired on without being told that I was temporary and I felt that information should have been shared with me prior to starting.

It took over six months to find out if I would be staying on permanent which was stressful. They also change your schedule with little to no notice which can put a strain on you and your family having to adjust to your new hours. Overall, it is a good job with nice management. Sitel Corporation is a great place to work.

Sitel Corporation was a great place to work. They were very friendly and the culture was very diverse. A typical work day in my world was as a very busy switchboard.

You have to have great communication skills. Escalated calls can be very nerve racking and stressfull, it is the one thing that you will have to get use to working at a call center for geek squad. Pretty cool place to work. The pay was across the board so the ones like me that WORKED received the same pay as the ones who did not work they were on there phones to or asleep!! I love working at Sitel. It was very peaceful.

They gave us free coffee every morning. The hardest for me was getting let go because it got slow. I will go back if the pay was more. Lack of organization and structure. Extremely poor management, unprofessional HR and too many biased relationships.

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28 rows · Apply online for jobs at Sitel - Human Resources Jobs, Finance Jobs, IT . 23 rows · Human Resources and Finance Jobs. Human Resources and Finance . May 27,  · Sitel was founded by James F. Lynch in as SITEL (Systems International TELemarketing), a customer care and teleservices company. Lynch signed his first major client in , Allstate Insurance, after which the business grew rapidly/5(11).


The average Sitel salary ranges from approximately $18, per year for Recruiting Coordinator to $89, per year for Site Director. Average Sitel hourly pay ranges from approximately $ per hour for Recruiter to $ per hour for Recruiting Coordinator. 5 Sitel Human Resources Manager jobs, including salaries, reviews, and other job information posted anonymously by Sitel Human Resources Manager employees. Find Sitel Human Resources Manager jobs on Glassdoor. Get hired. Love your job. Sitel is a good company to work in if you really need a job. Training is pretty easy. The call volume varies throughout the year. Mostly 40 hour work weeks. Easy to pick up overtime when cal volume is high/5(K).

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