15 Super Great Non-Hospital Nursing Jobs for Nurses

Nurses provide important bedside care that is essential to treatment and recovery, but there are a wide variety of roles that nurses can play within the medical industry. Latest Professional Networking in Nursing. You will ensure that the right services are used. All rights reserved By using this site, you agree to these privacy terms. You will never know what sort of cases you are going to get. They need to be able to think on their feet and pay close attention to detail.

At-home nursing jobs are more prevalent than ever in the medical industry. We hear success stories from FlexJobs members often about finding remote medical positions, and our nursing job category has tons of positions listed with a variety of flexible work options.

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They may just want to know whether they should make an appointment or continue with at-home treatments. The telephone triage system helps to handle less urgent problems more efficiently so that resources are appropriately distributed. Tele-nurses can work from home and provide valuable medical advice to patients with a wide variety of problems. This exciting new branch of health care is using technology to improve patient care and create better healthcare system.

It works to find innovative intersections among technology, communication and healthcare in order to move the entire industry forward. If you are interested in changing the system by developing and implementing new solutions, then you may be able to put your nursing degree to good use in health informatics.

Because the field is constantly evolving and taking shape, there is plenty of room to grow, explore your interests and help create your position. Essentially, this is more of an administrative role, but medical and healthcare companies will give candidates with medical background the edge when it comes to hiring.

Keep in mind that fewer responsibilities also means lower pay. Medical writing is a challenging field that requires an extensive knowledge of medical terminology and procedures along with strong writing skills. The medical field relies on a variety of well researched materials that are used among professionals and published and distributed to the general public. This opportunity is ideal for nurses who enjoy paperwork and research in addition to helping their patients.

If you have a graduate degree in nursing and excel in writing, you can author textbook chapters in your specialty, or even write and publish your own books. This job is closely aligned with nurse education. Attorneys hire legal nurse consultants to help interpret medical records and serve as expert witnesses. This business opportunity requires training and certification through the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants.

Hospice nurses work for medical organizations, and spend much of their time caring for patients who are at the end of their lives in a home setting. They help patients by assisting with pain relief and help promote independence for as long as the patient is able. They also provide medical and emotional support for the family members of patients in their care. Schools, community organizations such as those that provide disaster relief , and community health clinics are some of the settings in which these nurses work.

If you are business minded, then starting a business as a concierge nurse and making house calls may be the right opportunity for you. In fact, this is historically how most nurses practiced until the s. Though this role is often reserved for those with an MSN degree, a BSN along with state public health certification would suffice in some states, including California. The army is always looking for nurses, particularly since we are still involved in a number of different conflicts.

You get to build a long lasting relationship with your patients, whom you will see in their homes. Hospice nursing is hard, as you will be dealing with people who are dying.

Your role will be to allow them to do so comfortably and in a dignified manner, and supported by their loved ones. You will never know what sort of cases you are going to get. Expect long, unsociable hours in a fast-paced environment. Plastic surgery is often done for cosmetic reasons, although it is also done for people with disfigurements and scars.

Help people who have had an accident or other physical issue to regain as much mobility as possible. Spread the word of God throughout the world, while at the same time deliver health care to impoverished countries. Traveling nurses are sent from one place to the next for short durations of time to cover in hospitals and care settings with an acute shortage of nurses. Outpatient care is one of the easier sides of nursing, as it allows you to treat patients ad hoc and then send them back home.

Health administration allows you to work in a range of healthcare fields, where you can influence policy development. This is the newest nursing role, whereby your goal will be to improve safety outcomes and care quality for patients. Work with everybody in the family , seeing them as a full unit rather than groups of individuals. Health visitors mainly focus on working with women who have had babies in the past two years, ensuring the development of the babies and infants is as expected.

While not a traditional nursing role, it is entirely possible to transition from nursing with additional training. It is a stressful job with long hours, but it is also incredibly rewarding.

Handle the administration in facilities like nursing homes. Generally, you will have very little direct contact with patients. Although perhaps far removed from nursing, many nurses can become a nanny as it allows them to work on a one-one-one basis with a young child. Adult-gerontology acute care is a very popular field of work, where you take care of adult patients with various problems as and when they present themselves.

The development of health programs allows you to make a true difference across the world, improving outcomes while reducing costs at the same time. Whenever decisions are made in the field of healthcare, they have to be presented to the rest of the world and questions have to be answered about this.

Non-Government Organizations NGOs often help to improve the world on a very personal level and offer very rewarding career options. You will purchase the equipment needed for nurses to do their jobs properly, always trying to find the lowest price and highest quality.

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Best Things To Do With A Nursing Degree. Home Health Nurse. You will purchase the equipment needed for nurses to do their jobs properly, always trying to find the lowest price and highest quality. Nursing Students Mentor. New students require mentors to look up to. This is something anyone with a nursing degree should aspire to . 6 Virtual Nursing Jobs You Can Do Anywhere: Work From Home. While most people picture nurses as providing in-person care, there are a surprising number of ways that nurses can practice their skills and still work from home. If you are interested in transitioning out of traditional care facilities, here are just a few career options that. 15 Super Great Non-Hospital Nursing Jobs for Nurses One reason people are often attracted to the nursing profession is the endless job opportunities that are available, both in direct patient care and in non-clinical roles.


May 17,  · Nursing has been considered a flexible career choice for years. But today's technology has brought us many jobs nurses can do from home, too! In addition to these 37 places that hire RN Nurses to work from home, there are many other opportunities available with several more companies. Related Posts: Where to Find Work at Home Jobs in the Medical Field. Work from home options for nurses. Many large companies hire nurses to work from home doing a variety of jobs. Here's a look at three options: triage (also called telehealth), medical transcription and case management. "We can offer nurses the kind of flexibility they often can't find in other jobs," says Linda Casey, senior operations.

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