Legit Work-from-Home Websites - and the Scams

One or two weeks later the check bounces, the bank takes back its money, and you lose. If the listing uses generic language or is super short or vague, this requires some digging on your end. The polo team that uses cloned horses. Legit non pyramid scheme, work from home jobs?? Before we go any further, a sobering quote: Discriminated against at work?

Scams can also be an issue when looking for jobs that don't involve working at home. Job sites try to police the listings, but it's hard to catch all the bad listings in a timely manner.

Top 10 Work At Home and Home Based Business Scams and How to Avoid Them – Part 1

Pay can vary from a few bucks to several hundred dollars, depending on the project. Of course, being a freelancer isn't always smooth sailing. You'll run into difficult clients, which could leave you without pay or even in court. Click here for some rules both freelancers and clients should follow so everyone is happy. If you can write, but don't want to write for someone else, being an e-book author might be the job for you.

You don't even have to write a novel to succeed. Short stories, funny life anecdotes, insightful commentary and detailed instructions in skill-based tasks are all popular topics that you can sell. Then figure out what unique viewpoint you can bring to those areas and get writing.

Before you publish, be sure to have an editor or two go over your manuscript. You can use friends or family, but you might also want to contract a professional using some of the freelance sites I mentioned earlier.

You also might want to hire someone to create a great cover — after all, it's the first thing people will see. Then you just need to decide where to sell.

Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing is a good place to start. Apple's iBookstore is another. Or you can create your own e-book file — PDF or ePub — using a program like Calibre and sell it independently through your own website. No matter where you post your e-book, marketing is key.

You'll want to promote it on social media at the very least. One good trick is to start a blog and post short blurbs or even full chapters to give people a taste.

Executive or career counseling services help people with career directions and decisions. They may offer services like skills identification and self-evaluation, resume preparation, letter writing, and interview techniques, and general information about companies or organizations in a particular location or job field.

Fees can be as high as thousands of dollars, and you often have to pay first. The National Career Development Association NCDA offers some tips on finding and choosing a career counselor , and explains the different types of counselors active in the field. Your local consumer protection agency , state Attorney General's Office , and the Better Business Bureau can tell you whether any complaints have been filed about a company.

You may want to do an internet search with the name of the company and words like review , scam , or complaint. Look through several pages of search results. And check out articles about the company in newspapers, magazines, or online, as well. Some other places to look for leads in your job search include:. Sponsored by the U. Department of Labor, CareerOneStop lists hundreds of thousands of jobs. Put quotation marks on either side, and search.

Articles warning against scams might pop up. Hutt said face-to-face interactions are best. Sure, Craigslist is a great way to find jobs. In fact, several of our founding employees here at The Penny Hoarder found their jobs through a Craigslist ad.

One key is to see if you spot the same listing in multiple cities, Hutt says. Try instead searching on these 14 legitimate job-search platforms.

Typically, these sites screen and even hand-pick the featured listings. Take, for example, ZipRecruiter , where you can find geo-located work-from-home jobs. Its first barrier is that it costs employers a monthly fee to post a job listing, weeding out some scammers. It also has a flag tool available to job-seeking users.

Federal Trade Commission

NEW YORK -- Some work-at-home websites can actually work for you, while others are just scams that will work for -- the fraud artists behind them, while costing you money. But with a rising mobile workforce, work-from-home scams are also becoming more common these days, and they come in many forms: wire transfer schemes, claims processing, envelope stuffing, refund-recovery work, and other fraudulent offers. For federal jobs, all open federal positions are announced to the public on iamedaldu.cf State and county offices Your state’s Department of Labor may have job listings or be able to point you to local job offices that offer counseling and referrals.


Dec 13,  · To learn more about work-at-home schemes, also check out the Federal Trade Commission's business-opportunities website and the National Fraud Information Center, run by the National Consumers League. Work-at-Home Scams Job One: Do Not Take the Bait. 04/17/ Everyone’s seen them—seductive work-at-home opportunities hyped in flyers tacked to telephone poles, in newspaper classifieds, in your e-mail, and all over the web, promising you hundreds or thousands of dollars a week for typing, stuffing envelopes, processing medical billing, etc. Aug 08,  · 3 work at home online jobs that aren't scams Kim Komando, Special for USA TODAY Published a.m. ET Aug. 8, Finding ways to online jobs at home is possible but you have to take some cautions.

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