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About our workshops. Find FREE workshops for you and your children at your local Pets at Home store. Our workshops help teach children how rewarding pets can be and how to care for them.

Welcome to the pet report 2015

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The passion for pet ownership spans every generation. Pet owners of all ages come through our doors at Pets at Home — people love to interact with pets and there is no age limit to that enjoyment. In our survey, it was interesting to see that younger children are caring for pets on a daily basis. My sons, aged seven and ten, help me to look after our cat, dogs and chickens, and I try very hard to teach them how to look after our pets responsibly, so they are fully aware of the work and commitment involved.

Obviously, there always needs to be an adult in a supervisory role to ensure the pet's welfare is protected, but allowing children to become involved could help to teach them compassion and responsibility towards others. It could also help children to develop a balanced self-esteem, which reduces excessive self-focus. One of the great things about a childhood pet is the strong bond that can develop. You can turn to them for comfort when you are upset or frightened, and the pet will never tease you or laugh at you or reveal your secrets — we all know how tough sibling rivalry can be!

There will be no fights with your pets — just fun times and cuddles, or walks and endless ball throwing. I know my own childhood pets definitely helped to create positive childhood memories.

Finally, it's important that parents communicate to their children the five welfare needs of the family pet. If parents get these points across to their children, they are doing a good job. The Pets at Home's Pet Report survey 3 has found that, when it comes to pet ownership, today's children are deemed more responsible than their parents were when they were children. The average age for children to provide day-to-day care of their pet is now seven and a half, compared with eight and a half a generation ago.

Sharing a home with pets from an early age taught Lynn about how to respect others, and it's something she was determined to teach her own children. Lynn and her three children — Alfie, 15, Harvey, 13, and ten-year-old Matilda — are the owners of Stanley, an month-old Boston terrier, three cats, Ted, Lulu and Denzel, five fish who are all called Bob, and Ben, the dwarf hamster.

Today's pet owners are making more considered decisions when sourcing a family pet. Caged birds have declined in popularity in favour of dwarf hamsters, while keeping fish is now more popular. Dogs remain the most popular pet for children, with the UK's top breeds being Labrador, Jack Russell and Staffordshire bull terrier, although children today are less likely than their parents to be responsible for looking after a dog as their first pet.

Studies 3 have also found that exposure to dogs could also improve allergies and asthma, while the Pet Health Council has reported4 findings demonstrating that children who live with a cat or dog in the first years of life have a lower incidence of hay fever and asthma, and are also less likely to develop animal-related allergies. This research matches the findings of the study commissioned by Pets at Home 2 , which show that more than a quarter Whatever the case, it is clear that owning certain pets, such as cats and dogs, could have some amazing health benefits in addition to the love and company that they already provide.

There are many perks to having pets around your children when they're growing up. Not only does it help to boost their understanding and appreciation of pets and nature but, if they take on certain responsibilities, it can also lead to health benefits, too. Our survey 2 showed that six out of ten children did exercise with their pets, be it playing with them or, if it was a dog, taking them out for a walk.

This is a level of activity that wouldn't necessarily happen if the family home didn't have a pet, and you can therefore come to the conclusion that by owning a pooch you're helping your children stay fit and healthy. But you do have to encourage your children to take an interest in the family pet for them to really see any health benefits — with studies3 showing that the more attached you are to your dog, the more likely you are to walk it and, as a result, get the exercise.

It's not just dogs that are great pets to have, though — even if they were top of our survey's wish list. In addition, there are also studies 4 that show that children who grow up around pets are less prone to allergies later in life. She will hopefully get the benefits of growing up around animals, leaving her less likely to develop allergies and asthma for the rest of her life.

So there you have it. Pets are a brilliant way to get your children outside into the fresh air, and they could also boost their immune system and reduce allergies. In an age where more and more children are spending their free time indoors looking at a screen of some kind, pets are an enormous incentive to get them outdoors and moving.

Erin, Ethan and Lewis Hamilton from Derby don their running shoes and explain how their dog, Tilly, has helped to keep them all healthy and happy as a family. Ever since she was a puppy, Tilly has been very playful, which encourages all of the Hamiltons to take part in more active outdoor pursuits as a family. According to a recent study commissioned by Pets At Home 1 , four out of five parents believe that the presence of a pet in the home has had a positive impact on their child's development.

Pets could also help children improve their social skills, according to the Pet Health Council, which reported 2 that children who own pets are often less self-centred than those who don't.

The presence of an animal in a room can not only help children concentrate and learn, but also help them overcome their anxiety, according to recent research 3. A study found that, children were able to perform tasks faster with a dog present, without making any more mistakes. The dog acts as a non-judgemental listener, and offers comfort to the child who may find reading difficult or stressful. Studies have shown that with the influence of a pet, children who find it difficult to interact socially with other people can make a considerable improvement.

Parents understand that having a pet can give children a sense of responsibility, can even give brothers and sisters a shared sense of responsibility — the statistics show that children say that they prefer their pets to their siblings, but in reality that's just sibling rivalry.

For parents, one of the most important things to do when your child asks for a pet is to involve them with the decision. Get them to do research about the pets they might like — attending one of our half term workshops could help them learn about the responsibility of caring for a pet.

Mum and dad should also drive the idea that pets must be cared for, that a dog and of course any pet is not just for Christmas. People often come into our stores having already done a lot of research to know how much time they will need to spend caring for each animal.

For example, even within the small furry category, a pygmy hedgehog actually needs very different care compared with a hamster or a guinea pig. When Jack arrived at the Northumberland home of new foster carers Ann and Denis Dobson in September , he was in a tricky situation. He had already lived with several other carers, had trouble at school, and was a very angry young man. Early on in Jack's placement with Ann and Denis, he asked if he could have a lizard — a pet he had wanted to keep since he was a little boy.

Ann and Denis made an agreement with Jack. If he settled down at school, and if his foster placement continued to go well, then he could have a pet. Jack has since taken on full responsibility for Crunch, and his behaviour has changed dramatically — a transformation that he is happy to acknowledge himself.

From instilling a sense of responsibility and empathy, to ironing out behavioural problems1 and alleviating stress2, there is a growing body of evidence that points to the beneficial effect that snuggling up with a dog or guinea pig can have on young people.

Dogs have even been shown to help children pay more attention to the teacher when present in the classroom 3. Despite all this, the majority of UK schools don't keep animals.

The role of pets in the modern family

The four deadlines for the volume of PoPETs are in Apr , Aug , Nov , and Feb Important Dates for PETS PETS will be held July 19–22 in Darmstadt, Germany. Pets at Home are the UK's favourite specialist pet care retailer with over stores across the UK. My Pet Pals Summer Workshops 30s - Duration: 44 seconds. Pets at Home TV advert. Oct 19,  · Discover the My Pet Pals summer pet workshops; a series of free interactive pet workshops to educate the next generation of pet owners on how to care for sma.


For outside of term time, Pets at Home runs regular school holiday pet workshops in our stores. Under the guidance of our fully-trained store colleagues, kids can meet their favourite pets, and learn about how to look after them. Events. 24th October 17th October 13th October 18th September 16th August 16th July 26th June 4th June Easter Workshops. Wild Bird Fun at Pets at Home Kids' Holiday pet Club. Generous Customers Make a Donation to Santa Paws. Half Term Fun at Pets at Home Kids' Holiday pet Club. Pets at Home offers the ultimate pet shop experience. It really is a paradise for pets and pet owners. We have all the pet supplies, pet food, toys and accessories you and your pet need at great value prices.

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