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There are a lot of reviews posted about Metaverse at Glassdoor. In the Metaverse Mod Squad, however, you apply as a moderator just like you would apply for a real world job. Oh, because you are expected to excel and operate like a trained animal. Showing all 25 reviews. They present themselves as a fun company to be a part of and as being ahead of trends when it comes to digital engagement. She sucked at her job but it shows how bad things are there.

Working at Metaverse Mod Squad we can have the best of both worlds. While many of us work from home, there are quite a few of us that go to the office to work. It takes a lot of trust to run a company where the majority of your staff work remotely from home.

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What does Metaverse pay and when do they pay?

How does scheduling work? Apparently the Metaverse mod positions are extremely flexible and you are free to schedule yourself for as many or as few hours as you want. You get to work basically when it's convenient for you. Feedback on the company? There are a lot of reviews posted about Metaverse at Glassdoor. Many of these people love . At ModSquad, we’re always looking for talented and passionate candidates to help us manage, service and promote our global network of Mods. We’re flexible! In most positions, you can work from one of our offices or remotely. Metaverse Mod Squad is seeking work at home online tutors in the U.S. Compensation is $12 to $15 per hour, dependent upon experience.


If your only option is to work from home, ModSquad is a great choice. There is a lot of flexibility and many different teams performing a variety of services/5(22). Metaverse Mod Squad is seeking home-based online tutors for K gifted and talented children. All tutoring will be done online from your own home office. All tutoring will be done online from your own home office. When it comes to online moderating jobs, Modsquad (formerly Metaverse Mod Squad) is one of the top companies out there that hire people to work of the Moderators or Mods work from home as independent contractors.

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