W , w a structure, wall, etc, built or used as part of a fortification system at work at one's job or place of employment in action; operating make short work of informal to handle or dispose of very quickly modifier of, relating to, or used for work work clothes ; a work permit Show More. Of, relating to, designed for, or engaged in work. Can you describe your work to the class? He worked off his debt by doing odd jobs. More than 80 percent of Kiwi respondents thought most companies that encourage their employees to work from home are not aware of health and safety obligations or requirements around insurance cover. Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Choose your own hours.

Definition of work for Students 1: the use of a person's physical or mental strength or ability in order to get something done or get some desired result Cleaning the playground was a lot of work.

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Work at/from home definition is - to do one's job in one's house and not in an office building. to do one's job in one's house and not in an office building See the full definition. the act or practice of working at home using a computer terminal electronically linked to one's place of employment. Define work. work synonyms, work pronunciation, work translation, English dictionary definition of work. n. 1. a. Physical or mental effort or activity directed toward the production or accomplishment of something: Cleaning the basement was a lot of work.


flexible work arrangement resource, find part time work, find telecommuting resources, flexible schedule Work From Home Definition Flexible work resource, family friendly, telecommuting, job share, work from home, part time work. Work is the general word and may apply to exertion that is either easy or hard: fun work; heavy work. Drudgery suggests continuous, dreary, and dispiriting work, especially of a menial or servile kind: the drudgery of household tasks. s, "work done at home," as opposed to work done in the shop or factory, from home (n.) + work (n.). In sense of "lessons studied at home," it is attested from In sense of "lessons studied at home," it is attested from

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