How to access a home computer from work or school

Click on the Next button - click on Choose a custom network location , then click on the Next button. Click "Get Started" in the "My Computers" box and choose the computer you want to access. How do I modify netshares from home? We are proud to say that all of our job opportunities have been thoroughly evaluated and deemed legitimate. Installation is usually self-guided. Cookies make wikiHow better.

Aug 04,  · He or she will have access to all of your files, email, and applications on your computer. Community Q&A. Search. Add New Question. Ask a Question. If your company does not grant you access, or if the network is not set up for remote access, you will not be able to access your work computer from home%(39).

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Connect to the VPN. Double click the VPN client to open. You may be prompted to enter your username and password. This will vary based on your company policies. Your VPN may automatically connect after it is installed. Read the installation instructions or contact your IT department. Enable Remote Desktop on your work computer. Remote Desktop allows other computers to connect to your work computer. Check the box that says "Allow users to connect remotely to this computer.

You will need this later when you connect from home. The name of your computer should be listed under the box you checked. Leave your work computer on when you leave for the day. Your work computer needs to be connected to the network in order to be accessible to a remote computer. Launch the remote access software on your work computer, if required.

It depends on how your IT department has configured your network. Check the system requirements of your home computer. Before you install the VPN software on your computer, make sure that your home computer meets the system requirements. The requirements will vary based on your company. Typical requirements include an up-to-date operating system and a certain amount of RAM hard disk space.

Requirements will differ for Mac and Windows users. If you have questions about the system requirements, call or email your IT department. Download the VPN client software to your home computer. Load the VPN client software to your home computer just as you did to your work computer. The installation process is usually self-guided. Make sure you follow the directions. If your IT department does not install the software for you, the technicians might give you the software to take home along with installation and configuration instructions.

Launch the VPN client software on your home computer. Access the Remote Desktop on your home computer. You must now access the Remote Desktop on your home to computer to connect to your computer at work. Once you have reached the Remote Desktop, type in the name of your work computer then press "Connect.

If you are using a Mac, download "Microsoft Remote Desktop. Know that your home computer may be slower than your work computer. The speed of your VPN connection depends on the speed of your internet connection speed at home. The faster your network speed, the faster your VPN connection will be.

Keep in mind that information that you send and receive is encrypted. The encryption process slows things down as well. Do not use your VPN for personal web surfing. Your company can see all of your web activity when you use a VPN. It is not a good practice to conduct personal web browsing over VPN. You do not want to get in trouble at work. Simply minimize the Remote Desktop window if you need to do something personal. Try a service like Chrome Remote Desktop.

If your company does not have an IT department or a VPN, you can still securely access and share information between computers. Chrome Remote Desktop is a free app that can be used by both Windows and Mac users. If you are not already using Google Chrome, you will need to download Google Chrome web browser before you can use this application.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop on the computers you would like to connect. Go to the Chrome Web Store to download the app. Click "Add" when prompted. Authorize Chrome Remote Desktop. The first time you open the app, you will be required to authorize it. Authorization allows the app to see your email address, your Chrome Remote Desktop computers, and to send and receive chat messages which will allow the computers to talk to each other.

See "How do I modify netshare files from home? Double click on File Explorer icon in lower left of screen. Click on Connect to a Web site that you can use to store your documents and pictures. Click on the Next button - click on Choose a custom network location , then click on the Next button. In the Internet or network address box, type: Click on the Next button, then the Finish button.

Click on the Go menu, then Connect to Server. Creating and saving a document once connected to your netshare PC Users: Create a document in any application. Save the file locally to your C: Go to My Computer and access the drive containing the saved file. Right-click on the saved file and choose Copy. Open your netshare window, right-click inside the window and choose Paste. Save the file to the desktop and drag and drop it into your netshare window. Editing an existing document once connected to your netshare Right-click on the document you wish to edit within your netshare window and choose Copy.

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Ways to Access Your Files From Anywhere. Search. Search the site GO. Internet & Network. Tips & Tricks Basics To remotely access files from anywhere without having to set up any hardware, You can often not only view your files at home while you're away but also print remote files locally and copy files to and from your home computer. 2 - Browse Jobs. We provide easy access to quality at home job opportunities for dedicated individuals. Our goal is to make it a priority to bring you legitimate work at home opportunities in various fields. Accessing your Work Computer from Home: Remote Desktop This document provides instructions for using remote desktop, which allows you to connect to your work computer and access all of your programs, files, and network resources (like.


Firewall - Any firewall protecting your home, work, or school network must be open for many of these software programs or services to communicate with other computers. If you have a software firewall program running on your computer you must unblock or open the port for the program when prompted. Access Your Network Files From Your Home Computer. once created the shortcut can be used to access your Home directory (personal files) and, if applicable, your Shared directory (departmental files). Remember, you must be connected to the WSU VPN for your shortcut to work. Apr 17,  · Discusses how to troubleshoot problems that occur when you try to access or work with files and Windows 8 Pro Windows 8 Windows 7 Enterprise Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Ultimate Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Home Basic Windows 7 Starter Windows Vista Enterprise Windows Vista Ultimate .

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