Australian charity cares for the pets of the homeless

This is organised by the respective charities and we have absolute faith that our partners ensure that all animals have the best possible care, are supervised and are as comfortable as possible in the purpose-built units, which are in a completely separate area to the rest of the store. Pets in the Park also offers an outreach service pictured where trained vets can visit with people living rough. We use cookies to improve your online experience. Sunday, Sep 16th 5-Day Forecast. Read our cookies policy for more information. Cookies on the Pets At Home website.

Founded by Pets at Home in , Support Adoption For Pets is a registered charity that supports pet rehoming organisations all over the UK. + Adoption Centres inside Pets at Home stores offer a safe haven for abandoned small pets until they find their forever home. Our work is only possible thanks to the kind donations of Pets at Home.

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Veterinarian Leah Skelsey left has been treating Tye centre and spending time with Sam right since the first Pets in the Park clinic opened in Every month, clinics are held around the country for the animals, where they can be given basic veterinary care and emergency care can be arranged.

The veterinarian, who works at a local practice in Engadine, says people who believe the homeless should refrain from having pets often confront her, asking if they are truly able to care for them. Ms Skelsey says their comments are 'misguided', and the animals she sees on the streets are 'usually in perfect condition'. Sam agreed with her comment, and explained during his years on the streets, he would often make sacrifices to take care of Tye, the animal he says turned his life around.

Sam chose to live on the streets so he could continue caring for Tye, as he was unable to get crisis accommodation and have a pet. He said the animal drew people to him, whereas others living on the streets enjoyed less human interaction. Sam said Tye was being used to train other dogs to fight when the pair crossed paths, and the dog's temperament has calmed dramatically since he took custody of him.

Sam said he had been married with two children, employed and was saving for a house when his life was turned upside down. Tye was being used as a bait dog, used to train other dogs to fight, when he crossed Sam' path in August Sam says Tye pulled him out of his suicidal feelings and gave him a sense of purpose.

Pets in the Park also offers an outreach service pictured where trained vets can visit with people living rough. While Sam had accommodation at this point, it wasn't long until he was given an ultimatum — get rid of the dog, or move out. He said it wasn't a tough choice for him at the time, as Tye was 'all he had'. I didn't have my kids, I didn't have my ex-wife… my family didn't have anything to do with me, so Tye was my family.

Though Sam struggled living on the streets in his attempt to protect Tye, he says his pet made it easier to live the often-lonely lifestyle. Leah Skelsey, who works for the charity, said animals owned by people who are homeless often come to them in 'perfect condition'.

Many people living rough, Sam included, will make huge sacrifices for their companions, Ms Skelsey said. At the clinic in Sydney, vets treat at least 30 dogs and probably 10 to 15 cats, Ms Skelsey said. Now, Sam says Tye is a 'sense of purpose' for him, and credits the pup with his life transformation. Sam is now taking a course in computers to help him find a job and has found a stable home, where Tye is welcome.

Ms Skelsey told Daily Mail Australia having a pet was an important and fulfilling relationship for a person - more so for someone living alone on the streets.

The outreach program also makes it easier for the vets to follow up with their patients. The clinics, medicine and veterinary work of Pets in the Park is paid for through donations.

Vets work at the clinics for free and will occasionally perform surgery pro bono or at cost price or a cut rate. Many donations come unsolicited, but Pets in the Park also host some fundraising drives to support the clinics and the charity's outreach program, which allows vets to visit the homeless where they have set up camp. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Sunday, Sep 16th 5-Day Forecast.

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Study finds 'wonder pill' doesn't lower heart attack and stroke risks, and can increase bleeding The forgotten milestones: To accept cookies continue browsing as normal. Read our cookies policy for more information. We are huge supporters of rehoming charities and are deeply angered that their important work has been undermined by an ill-informed and negative article by the Mail on Sunday.

We are passionate about pets and are champions of responsible pet ownership. The sad fact is that there are still many pets which are left abandoned. As a result we have long term partnerships with a number of rehoming charities to help abandoned cats and dogs back into loving homes through in-store rehoming centres.

We offer store space free of charge to certain charities to allow then to carry out their much needed re-homing work. These centres are manned full time by the charities who are experienced and fully qualified when rehoming animals in their care. We are confident that they would only allow animals to be passed on to responsible and committed new owners.

Below is some information from each of them to show what they do. We also note that Mike Jessop, a veterinary professional, quoted in the Mail on Sunday article, also has criticisms about the way cats are housed in our stores.

This is organised by the respective charities and we have absolute faith that our partners ensure that all animals have the best possible care, are supervised and are as comfortable as possible in the purpose-built units, which are in a completely separate area to the rest of the store.

For example, the Battersea and Dogs Trust units have a whole room for the dog to chill out in, complete with a sofa for them to lounge on. We have invited Mr Jessop to come in to speak to us and review our state of the art facilities first hand.

We also extend this invitation to Alison Smith-Squire, the journalist responsible for the article and we would encourage the Mail on Sunday to publish our response in their newspaper for any concerned readers and animal lovers. Pets at Home are full supporters of rehoming charities. Overall we are proud of the work we do with our partner charities and we would encourage anyone to donate to these worthwhile organisations to help support their work against animal homelessness.

It is a very sad fact there are too many unwanted cats in the UK in need of homes. Cats Protection has over 6, cats currently in care so having a homing and information centre in a Pets at Home store will help to encourage more people to consider adopting a homeless cat.

It will also enable us to further promote cat welfare and responsible cat ownership to the public. This follows in the footsteps of other animal welfare charities that already have homing centres in Pets at Home stores.

The welfare of cats will be safeguarded in the same way as that of the cats in our care across the UK and potential adopters will go through the same process as they would when adopting from any Cats Protection centre, ensuring people cannot buy a cat on impulse.

It has purposely been separated from the rest of the store to avoid large numbers of people passing by the pens. The centre is the latest step to expand our capacity to find unwanted and abandoned cats new homes, in addition to our existing network of branches and centres. To adopt a cat from Cats Protection anywhere in the UK, we ask for an adoption fee to enable us to carry on helping more cats in need. Whilst fees do not cover the cost of looking after the cats, they go some way towards helping us continue the day-to-day cat welfare work.

Dogs Trust has a well established and successful partnership with Pets at Home. We are able to raise awareness of our rescue dogs and offer advice to dog owners through our Advice and Adoption Centres within Pets at Home stores.

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The centre in Pets at Home will contain spacious pens that have been custom-built to our welfare standards and the cats will be cared for by charity’s staff and volunteers. It has purposely been separated from the rest of the store to avoid large numbers of people passing by the pens. Pets at home We’ve been working closely with the UK’s leading national pet retailer, Pets at Home, the charity, Support Adoption For Pets, for nearly a decade now. During this period, they have donated over £, to support our work. An Australian charity is helping homeless people care for their pets through vets who work for free. Sam Corliss, 36, was sleeping rough with his .


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