Data Entry Jobs From Home – Who’s Hiring and How It Works

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Data entry jobs are frequently the bait in work-at-home scams, so check out all data entry opportunities carefully. Know how to recognize a data entry scam, and do not pay for kits or iamedaldu.cfer that data entry doesn't .

Data Entry Jobs

The duties of a data entry clerk will vary a little depending on who you're doing the work for, but in general you are transferring data from one source to another. Usually, you'll be looking at data — either on paper or on a computer screen — and typing it out into either a form or spreadsheet.

Not everyone is cut out for it. They can legally do this if you're working as an independent contractor, and in most cases, you will be. Great American Opportunities linked above is known for paying better than other companies, but it is still an independent contractor position paying per piece.

However, I believe this data is more in line with what this work pays when you're doing it onsite. As stated above, most of the data entry jobs I find that are work at home do not pay much at all. You need to be not only a fast typist, but also an accurate typist. Even if you are neither fast nor accurate with your typing, these are skills you can work on. At minimum, you'll need an up to date computer with high speed internet. Some — but not all — companies will either require or recommend that you use dual monitors.

Watch out for these on any site you use to search for online data entry jobs, but in particular watch out for them on Craigslist! Be careful if you see:. Have you read this page and decided that perhaps this industry isn't for you? If so, you may want to consider transcription work from home. This is similar to data entry in that it involves typing work, but instead of typing out data you see, you're typing out data you hear.

We have a huge list of transcription jobs and companies. Many companies are hiring for this! Virtual Bee in my opinion is not worth the time. Axion Data I have heard about for years and again never heard of anyone getting hired by them. I tried a few times myself and nothing ever happened.

As far as bidding on data entry work you end up working for peanuts because someone will always bid to do the job less than you so the pay ends up to be worse than Virtual Bee. This post may contain affiliate links. Of course, if you go through the whole process of interviewing and hiring, there's a good chance it's not a scam. Still, there are many reputable freelance jobs out there and ways to vet them before applying. If you're working for a company, you'll get a steady paycheck instead of constantly looking around trying to get more hours or projects in.

You may even be able to get benefits. Read on for another quiz question. Chances are that if you get a full-time telecommuting job, you'll work more hours than you did when you were freelancing. You also won't need to waste any time looking for work. This is largely dependent on the jobs you find. Still, you will know where and when the work is coming so, which will help with finances. It's very important that you compartmentalize your work from your home life.

Even though you may be working at home, you need to focus on work, rather than trying to do everything at once. Attempting it will only make you less productive and more stressed. Staying in touch with your manager or supervisor throughout the day is important, as there is likely information you will need to share with each other.

Still, it's not exactly a productivity tool. It may seem counterintuitive, but taking breaks throughout the stay is key to staying energized and on top of your work. Make sure you stick to a good timetable and eat healthy foods at lunchtime. You may want to turn off your social media accounts for the duration of the workday, but if you turn off the phone and email you may also miss an important connection from your boss or manager.

The other emails and calls can wait, but make sure your job can get in touch! You probably won't need too much equipment for your data-entry role, so as long as you have enough space for your phone, computer, and notepad, you should be just fine. Everyone works in different levels of chaos, so if your office space is effective for you, that's great!

Be careful of open spaces or rooms that feed into other rooms, however, as they can be distracting. There are certain requirements for working from home, like a computer, phone and Internet access. Still, you won't need the brand new tech in order to do your job well. Click on another answer to find the right one You probably won't want to set up at the kitchen table because you'll just have to move everything again pretty soon.

Find a space in the house that is large enough for your equipment and has a closing door, so you can be productive and efficient. Begin working data entry jobs through freelance project websites. There are a number of websites that you can use to do freelance data entry work from home for money. These websites offer jobs by project and are not always great sources for steady income, but can provide you with experience that would be valuable when applying for full time positions.

Make sure the websites you do work for are reputable. There are many scams online that try to take advantage of people that are looking for work that they can do from home. Make sure that you confirm that the company you do work for is legitimate, as you will probably need to provide them with personal information in order to receive payments.

It's important that you research companies to make sure that they are not part of a scam. Look up the company on the Better Business Bureau's website to see if it is legitimate at www. Look for full time telecommuting jobs on job board websites. While websites that offer projects to freelancers can be a great way to supplement your income, it can be difficult to earn a living through them, and even more difficult to secure benefits.

You may want to seek a full time position with a company that permits you to do the data entry from home. Use websites like Monster. Use social media to expand your search. Social media platforms like LinkedIn can be a great way to look for open positions as well as to network with people already working the field you want to find a position in. Start by creating a LinkedIn Account. Search for open positions and reach out to others in the field you are interested in to help you identify open data entry positions that you may be able to apply for.

Complete a phone screening. A phone screening is often the first stage of the interview process. A human resources professional will contact you to conduct a brief interview over the phone to determine if you meet the requirements to be interviewed by a hiring manager. Make sure to put your best foot forward when conducting a phone screening. If you do well on the phone screening, you will likely receive a call to schedule a follow up interview.

Because you will be working from home, there is a likelihood that you may need to conduct the interview through a teleconferencing website that allows you to see and speak to your interviewer from the comfort of your own home.

Although you may be conducting the interview from home, treat it as though it is an in person interview regarding what to wear and how to interact. Follow the common practices necessary to do well in a job interview. You may also be required to conduct the interview in person.

Part 1 Quiz What can be a benefit of a full-time telecommuting job over freelance jobs? You know it's not a scam. You don't have to work as many hours. You'll get paid more. Set up your work space. The software and hardware required to do data entry from home may vary based on the company you work for and the type of data entry you are doing.

Before you can begin working, ensure that your work space and computer are prepared for the task. Install any necessary software you may need to complete your data entry tasks.

Many companies may use web portals instead of software on your computer, so ensure you have the necessary login information and receive training on how to properly use it.

You may need to create a PayPal account or establish a different method of receiving payment from your employer like direct deposit. Make sure you speak to your supervisor or manager about how payments are made and what you need to do in order to receive them.

Make sure you have a telephone, printer or any other devices that are required to complete your data entry work. Set a consistent schedule. Working from home has a number of perks, one of them being that you may be able to set your own schedule. Although this offers a significant amount of freedom, it can also make it difficult to get yourself going in the morning. Set a time that you finish work each day.

Take breaks when you need to. The freedom provided by working from home allows you to take breaks when necessary. Try providing yourself breaks in a similar fashion. Breaks are important to keeping you refreshed and to stave off fatigue. You will likely be more productive during working hours if you take breaks. Consider using daycare or a babysitter for your children if you have any so you can focus on getting your work done. Communicate actively with your management. In most office environments, you will see your supervisor or manager regularly throughout the day, so when working from home make sure you keep open lines of communication with them throughout your work day.

If you miss a call or message from your supervisor, make sure to get back to them as quickly as you can. Part 2 Quiz How can you be more productive during your work hours?

Take care of simple household tasks.

Data Entry Earnings Potential

Data entry is the act of entering information into electronic formats by using word processing or data processing software hosted on a computer and it's data entry operators who perform these tasks. In truth, though "data entry" sounds technical, you can get many of these jobs with no previous experience. Data entry jobs from home may not pay well, but legit ones do exist. Here is a big list of 11 legitimate options, plus info on what the work involves. The way home-based or online data entry jobs are performed may vary considerably from office jobs. Data entry operators working for micro-labor offices that use crowdsourcing techniques may simply do small bits of work for small fees. This model is .


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