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People did ironworks or basket-weaving or meat curing or whatever at home. My husband and I did not know the Lord when we were first married and did not see the importance of me being at home. Lindsay, Thanks so much for this post and series. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Success in and of itself is certainly not a bad thing. I love reading up on it, and there is vast amounts of information on it. That is a crazy thought!

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If we are seeking to be successful for the sake of our reputation, or to become rich, or even to escape the monotony and responsibility of home life, then our success is no longer just a means of supporting ourselves and our household, it is a means of supporting our selfishness and pride. That is when it becomes wrong to seek success. What general principles can we apply from this passage to the way s in which we work at home and away from home?

There are many great principles that we can apply from Proverbs 31, whether working inside or outside of the home. When we are ready to accept our mission, then we can strive to humbly implement the principles from Proverbs 31 as they apply in our own context.

Some of these principles are:. We can see from the Scriptures that women are not forbidden to work outside of the home or to have successful careers.

This can be accomplished by the woman who stays home all day AND by the woman who works at an outside job. Whether or not a woman is fulfilling this aspect of Titus 2 has less to do with where she is in body than it does with where she is in spirit.

A woman could be at home all day but not really have a heart that is looking to the ways of her household. She may be doing the things that need to be done laundry, cooking, cleaning, organizing, scheduling, caring for children, shopping, etc.. On the other hand, you could have a woman who does work outside of the home, but she does so because it is a necessary way for her to serve her household well, as opposed to just doing it for personal gain.

Wherever her feet may take her, her heart remains at home. We live in a world with a different take-home message. I am thankful to have found this article. I am in a position of having to work part-time for financial reasons. We have 3 girls and homeschool the older 2.

I often feel judged by other women for working part-time. Working outside my home even part-time is very difficult for me. Thank you for this article. It has given me some peace of mind. May the Lord give you strength and endurance as you work to strike a good balance for your family. What a blessing and encouragement it was for me to read through.

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Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Titus 2 For Life. Home About Meetings Study Outline. Homemaking , Proverbs 31 , Women and Work. Based on Proverbs 31, does the Bible forbid a woman to work outside of the home? Some of these principles are: I was wondering if women could make great workers inside and outside of the home. I just discovered your blog through a sister in Christ on facebook. Subscribing so I can keep up on the latest God bless! Thank you so much to the people who have replied to my situation here.

I am currently making preparations to take a child in for day care, and praying for a family to need me. Even if I just make a few hundred dollars a month it will help. I will say that there seem to be more opportunities than ever for someone to get an income from home.

I would research this thoroughly before leaving home. I would work hard and pray for at home earning opportunities. Also, I will say this. As my children have grown into their teens and young adults, more of my time is out of the home mostly with them since their changing needs and interests are expanding beyond the borders of the home.

I would consider this to be a natural, healthy progression. I am blessed to be a stay at home mother of three, 4 and under, with one on the way. The Lord has alwasy provided for us and blessed us beyond our imaginations! I wanted to recommend what I have been able to do to bring in some income for our family and also bless our community.

I have been certified to be a Natural Birth Instructor with the Bradley method and it only requires one night a week to teach classes and some at home paper work during the week. I would recommend looking into something like that because I have seen it as a real positive thing to bless and connect with my community.

It is something my husband and I really believe in, having had 3 beautiful homebirths. Although I teach women birthing in the hospital as well of course. It costs a bit to become certified, but your first series of teaching usually pays the cost of the classes.

Hope this helps some of you in your pursuit of blessing your family, others and living more naturally as well. This topic as one of many to do with family and help meets is very dear to my heart. I love reading up on it, and there is vast amounts of information on it.

Where most of the information comes from for me is the Bible and then I further this with well respected authors and discussions with peers, and friends. I believe I am too be at home and keep it in order and running efficiently.

I love being at home and can not imagine doing anything else. I though for finances have had to work, so for years I have had a dayhome to help us achieve both goals.

This year I am helping a working mom with her groceries and after school once a week take her kids to activities. Each family needs to do what they believe is right and what makes day to day living financially manageable. For us and especially me it is to be at home. I look forward to more posts and comments. Thank you all for your insight!

I wholeheartedly believe and embrace the call to be a keeper of the home. I learned about salvation and accepted Christ at a friends leading when I was 16, but there were no Bible-believing churches in my area and this friend was a pen-pal, so I was a new believer without a lot of support. We were married three years before I eventually graduated. I just thought it was what I had to do. Then I became a mother, and everything in my heart fights against the idea of leaving home for any reason.

How could I leave my babies to work at some job that would make me unhappy and take me out of my home? Ladies, this breaks my heart. I am very frugal and make sure we can live within our current means, and we have a happy, contented life.

We know better now and are saving as much money as we can to get rid of our debts, but in the meantime I am so sad every time he tells me that he wants me to find a job. Oh I so feel for you. Finances are a big weight and burden for alot of families. My husband would love for me not to work and just be a stay at home mom for our family, but we have needed me to work. So I started a day home 15 years ago and this gave me the best of both worlds.

I had one till last June where I then found a women who needed me just to grocery shop, take kids to some activities 1x a week and if the kids are sick take them home. This has been my dream job.

It does help here our kids are the same age and in some of the same activities, God did bless me with this job. Keep looking around your area for some odds and ends to do and yes start looking for other children to look after. Most in my home were a lovely addition and my children loved it. It is tough at times but nothing is perfect, nor should it be. I wish you luck and keep your heart with God and pray……. Maybe for you at this stage of life working is what you will need to do. But make a plan.

Talk to your husband, make sure you are both on the same page. Plan to work, but put ALL your earnings towards your college debt. And once that debt is paid then plan to return home. I have a dear friend who works full time as her church secretary. There is no shame in doing what is best for your family, and it sounds to me like what is best for your family is getting a job and paying off that debt.

Once the debt is paid THEN you can focus on building up your home. I really like the thoughts that are being put forth here. I often struggle in thinking of how this passage and the others mentioned pertains to women who are married, but do not have children either are not able to have them, or have not had them yet, or choose not to have any , as well as single women. In regards to single women and others in different seasons of life, I love how Carolyn Mahaney puts it: Yet the call to make the home a priority extends to all women, no matter your season of life.

Even now you can discover ways to make your residence a home, cultivate the domestic arts, and prayerfully consider how to use your home for outreach and care to others. This shows me that no matter your season, whether single, your children or grown, or before having children, is that the home is still designed to be your first priority.

It can be used for the furtherance of the gospel of Christ if it is wisely managed and prepared to be used by the Master. Whether or not children are in the picture, your home is your primary domain to protect, prepare and steward! But my husband and I agreed before we were married that once we had children we would make them our full priority and that included me staying home with them. As a result of that decision we only have ever lived within his paycheck. This meant buying a smaller house, rarely going on vacations, etc.

This has been the basis of all our financial decisions and as a result we pretty much never argue about finances. My parents strongly questioned my decision to give up my career. They really wanted me to continue with my education and go to graduate school. They thought that my place was in the workforce. All that to say, I made a very solid decision long before we had kids that I wanted to be there for them. I wanted to be the mom who was home with snacks ready when my kids came home from school.

I wanted to be the mom who made fresh bread and dinner every night. I wanted to be the mom who hosted dinner parties and Bible studies. And I know that desire is of God and that it is my highest and best purpose. Thank you for choosing to post this series, I look forward to reading future editions.

I am an essential part in the spiritual well-being of my family.

When Paul admonished Titus to encourage older women to teach the younger how to be "workers at home" (Titus 2), he was talking about women in a culture in which, to our best understanding, more than 85 percent of the industry happened in the home. Simply laying Titus aside because we agree that it does not “prohibit” women from working outside the home just will not do. We must affirm that it does speak to the issue women, work, and home – and we must wrestle with what it says (along with every other similar Scripture). Helios is a new line of digital diffusers powered by ambient light. It automatically delivers just the right amount of warm or cool air using a unique digital logic system for more accurate temperate bands.


Jun 26,  · Titus says that older women are to teach young women to be “working at home”. What does this mean? In our day and age, if a woman were to say she was “working at home” it would likely be taken to mean that she was doing her work at home instead of at the office. “First, the obvious conclusion we can draw from the Titus 2 command – to be “working at home” – is that the principle place of work for wives and mothers is at home. Also in 1 Timothy Paul counseled the younger widows to marry, bear children, and manage their households (1 Tim. ). The Role Of Men And Women In The church Titus work through hardship, accept disappointment, and not give up under pressure and adversity. The mature godly man does not lose heart, home. The question Elisabeth asked is simple and to the point, “Where are the godly.

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