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That is how it should be. This company should be closed. Wifi is only available for visitors and you must have a user name and password. UnitedHealthCare provides a wide range of plan options for individuals, families and employers. I have PTSD and was in residential treatment twice for 3 months each time in the past 4 years, yet UBH doesn't want to pay even for outpatient therapy. They also are developing control over my income, as the pain has not subsided and I'm not sure how much longer I can continue being a hospital nurse because of United Healthcare! I submitted all the paperwork they require, have made several phone calls to follow-up and still the claims get denied.

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I will preface this review with a statement you need to heed when reading this review as well as any reviews for this company -- "It depends on your area. Keep that in mind when reading. Anyway, I've been here only 6 months, but I think I have enough of a feel for Optum to write a review.

I never have to stay late, work on weekends, etc. I get 23 vacation days and my manager encourages me to use them AND completely unplug while away. I work at the new Optum office in Eden Prairie. Building is modern and comfortable. Full size gym and locker room, and workout classes.

Great parking ramp with a skyway so you never need to go outside in the rain or snow! I can work from wherever I want. No one questions you.

Total autonomy No drama: This is a very heads down place! I can't stress that enough. No one socializes with each other -- most of the time, you never even talk to your cube neighbors because they're probably working from home. This is a positive for me though -- after working in some high drama offices, this is a refreshing change.

All meetings are over webex: Great news if you hate in-person meetings like I do -- because there are very few! In the 6 months I've been here, I've had 4 in person meetings. This is also a con because you never meet your coworkers - read the con list for more info. Nearly all meetings are only 30 minutes. You might have the one-off meeting that's an hour, but it's rare. Good, standardized PM practices. But some of the documentation requirements are too rigid and can slow progress down.

All of my projects so far have been waterfall SDLC. I've had to learn as I go. I can get a lunch here cheaper than I can bring it from home.

All training classes are over LearnSource i. It's almost kind of Such a nice building but no one is there. You have to have special permissions to download Google Chrome or Firefox on your computer. I can't stress that enough!! Everyone is very heads-down and focused on work -- no one chit chats about football or True Detective! You will not have coworkers stopping by your desk to chat about a TV show OR to even chat about work.

Most of my days, I don't talk to anyone in person. It's kind of depressing -- and I'm an introvert! There are no happy hours, social events outside of work, etc this is a positive for me because I hate that stuff. Not that it's a bad thing - I've had great experiences with the PM contractors. They obviously don't last as long as the employees, and there's more contractor PMs than employee PMs.

I struggle with this a lot, as I'm not used to this extreme of a "remote" workforce! Then use my credit card to make online purchases for them. That is, they were trying to make me use other people's money!!!! I was told I'd receive a check package through the mail also to buy equipment to work from home. The company Quantros Incorporated. She supposedly is in the recruiting department.

She looked legit on Likedln. The bad part is i thought everything was legal and they sent me the w-4 and I9 paperwork. Of course, now they have my social security number and I asked for the H. I tried to look for the company name but it's just a switch of one word for another. I found United Health I have been chatting with her on google hangout. I normally don't fall for things of this nature but any updates on this will be helpful.

Thanks to all of you I just dodge this scam! Got the email in response to zip recruter and had the google hangout convo and while talking to this person I googled the email address and this website came up.

So thankful for the internet sometimes. I quickly stated "It has come to my attention that you are trying to scam me, I have notified the authorities" and no response I sent an email asking Peter to send me a direct telephone number and an address that wasn't generic. I asked him why their logo matched another company's logo and how they were associated. I told him I wanted to verify it so I knew it wasn't a scam. Guess what, I never heard anything back and he never sent me the next days assignment.

It's definitely a scam. Ha Ha me too! Called me by Mr and Mrs too! I think once you start "training" they prob ask for your bank account to deposit your paycheck I found a fraud complaint about them online and they said that they hired her even though she didn't do the phone interview and told them she wasnt interested..

I went back to view that complaint again and it was gone?? The person on LinkedIn might not be whom is scamming you. They are most likely using her name and LinkedIn url. I would contact her and forward her all the email that you received from the people.

Same thing with me. It has the same logo as Novus Aviation Capital. They haven't asked for any money or personal information. They have a website, an answering message at phone number provided, and emails are novusleasing. However, some of the English is off and they contacted me. Jessie Stewart HR Assistant has bern sending emails.

Hey, this is the alternate phone number "Jessie" gave me. She took 2 days to provide this number. I hope nobody falls for it! They were trying to cover all their "detailed" tracks and we still sniffed them out! Well, good luck on future endeavors! Thanks for sharing this experience with me.

I called the bank from the check origin and they confirmed it was a scam. I'm so sorry you guys.. I almost fell into their grasps too. I got various emails claiming to have found my resume on some portal and I also thought they were legit until out of curiosity I looked up the company and actually called them.

They either said yes he works here but he doesn't do any of the hiring for us and anyway we are not hiring. I let them know what was going on and immediately reported the scam. They too wanted to send me a check to set up. I never got that far so I didn't loose anything except for my time and effort Hey, please let me know how the situation unfolds! I sent a 'not interested' email. Jessie has only tried to call once afterwards. However, I have blocked their numbers!

I called the number too and got voicemail If so, what did it consist Do you have to download software to do the training? What is your state location? I am in Florida. I think I just got scammed too. Also by Mastek LTD. I had a feeling it was weird how I would be interviewing for a position on HangOut. That is just out of norm and I fell for it. Luckily, I wouldn't give him a account number or any information. How do we report these and get them from scamming people looking for a job?

You can email them. I was so anxious I called instead. I would check with the Identity theft - Trans union Credit Bureau - Once you call and explain your situation - like mine - when I had my handbag stolen - I called them and the Credit Bureau - put a 60 days watch on my credit to see if anyone have messed with it.

I would call if you can get someone in the morning. Well, just the application I sent in off their website which gave a little personal info.

I asked Jessie Stewart how and when payment would be transferred and she didnt answer me. Also, the 2 job descriptions were different as far as salary and commission. These scammers target US freelancers and the modus is years old but many still fall for it.

If I was designing the automated screening system I would definitely look for postings containing "United Healthcare" or similar company names that have posted fraudulent job postings in the past, and then have those trigger message to a screener. An experienced screener would be able to recognize these fraud postings within a few seconds and delete them.

They need to start IP banning people. Yes there are ways around it, but atleast it becomes more inconvenient for them.

That would be a nightmare for some places like the Philippines. You see in here, some network providers makes the IP address a shared one to cut costs etc.

I learned about this a few months ago when someone sent me emails and since I don't know him, I checked his IP address. I was horrified to see we share the same IP address and I thought he hacked my connection.

Upon further investigation, I learned that we are within a few kilometers of each other and uses the same wireless network provider; hence, the same IP address with a few dozen people within the same vicinity. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Has it written all over it. The old forum had this posted all over it in the different ways they tried to come across. United Health Care is not going to be coming here to post a job. I thought so, thank you! I also received the invitation Even today I received my 3rd invitation to interview from them.

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UnitedHealth Group is a diversified healthcare company comprised of two businesses: United Healthcare, a provider of benefits and insurance coverage; and Optum, a leading provider of technology and information-enabled health services. United Healthcare Complaint Review: United Healthcare - United Health Group - UHC Latest Health Care Insurance Scam Minntonka Minnesota NOTICE! Those consumers located in the European Union, effective 5/24/ due to the GDPR, citizens of any GDPR applicable country or anyone sitting in, or operating from, such country are . I have received an invitation to invterview for a job with someone who claims to work for United Healthcare (US). The invitation instructions said to Scam Alert: Is the ** a genuine job lead? Reply. Topic Options. As soon as she says we need to pay for the software and then we gonna have an HP Computer at home to work for them and they.


Employment Scams. reports / Nigerian scammer (verified) is offering a work from home job paying $ a week, via a MasterCard that needs a $50 activation fee. Also there is this other person Shemeeka Lloyd with United Healthcare Group. [email protected] I tried to look for the company name but it's just a switch . Jobs Scam: United Healthcare or America Health Care Association, Swainsboro, GA - Linda Anne or Adrean Scot. Job and Recruiting Scams: United Healthcare or America Health Care Association, Swainsboro, GA Linda Anne or Adrean Scot. . United Healthcare HouseCalls program generates a lot of controversy A friend of mine’s mother received a call by someone claiming to represent United Healthcare HouseCalls. She was a little skeptical and thought it was a scam.

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